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What To Eat in Tutong

In Tutong district, you can explore a diverse range of traditional local dishes, many of which are made from authentic recipes passed down through generations for many decades. This traditional local cuisine represents the unique identity of Tutong district and is also one of the many reasons why Tutong is a great place to learn the local culture. You can also find some contemporary local cuisines that have been modified to appeal to modern tastes though it should be noted that the cuisine does not strip away the authenticity and flavors that we are familiar with. Tutong also offers other cuisines from around the world including Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and Western cuisine. 

Here we give you our top recommendations when you swing by the Tutong district.

KK Koya Restaurant

Mei Fang Restaurant

Puteh Restaurant

Tanda Kasih Restaurant

Bali Pit-Stop Restaurant

Gerai Aneka Tutong (Tamu Tutong)

I Luv Cafe Bistro

Cendol Viral Kupang

Simply Yummy


K.K Koya Restaurant is an all-time local favorite restaurant. This business has been established by the late Haji KK Koya since before the second world war began. Sounds nostalgic? It is! He started from a small business and has grown bigger with quite a lot of branches now in Brunei Darussalam and one of them is in Tutong district. Specializes in Indian-Malay cuisine and their famous dish has to be the ‘Rojak’. It is a mixture of fruits with the choice of preferred toppings, the crunchy texture and explosive sauce will leave you in awe! For sure you do not want to miss this opportunity.

Photo courtesy from Thanis Lim

Additional Information : 

Operating HoursEveryday: 6:30am – 9pm
Friday: 6.30am – 12pm
Address & LocationJalan Enchi Awang, Tutong TA1341, Brunei
Contact Number+673 422 1255
Social MediaInstagram: K.K Koya


Withstanding the taste of local delicacy. 70 years passed by and yet their famous ‘Pulut Panggang’ remains the local favourite. There are not many changes to the restaurant, the nostalgic feelings and surroundings can still be sensed! How amazing is that? What makes it more exclusive? It only has one branch which is in Tutong. You can get this taste at no other than Tutong itself! Grab your chance to taste the originality of Pulut Panggang and make sure to dine in the feeling of nostalgic vibes.

Photo courtesy from Thanis Lim

Additional Information :

Operating HoursEveryday: 6am – 6pm
Address & LocationPekan Tutong
Contact Number+673 422 1254
Social MediaInstagram: Mei Fang Cafe
Facebook: Chop Mei Fang


This restaurant serves Malay cuisine and they are famous for selling traditional cakes. This is another spot to go and taste the hand-made local taste of food.

Photo courtesy from Thanis Lim

Additional Information : 

Operating HoursEveryday: 6am – 5:30pm
Except Friday: 6am – 12pm, 2pm – 5pm
Address & LocationSimpang 14, Tutong. Right behind ROS Foto, opposite Tutong Chung Hwa’s basketball court
Contact Number+673 422 1242


If you drive along Jalan Tutong, just before passing the Kelakas River bridge, you will be mesmerized by an archway that is beautifully decorated with flower and well-trimmed hedges at a junction. Undoubtedly it is one of the successful restaurants in Tutong. There are no partitions between the back and front of the restaurant, allowing for open-air, family-style dining. Try their famous $2 chicken rice, as well as other popular Asian and Western dishes, and you will definitely be hooked!   

Photo courtesy from Thanis Lim

Additional Information :

Opening HoursEveryday, 8:00am – 9:30pm
Address & LocationJln Tutong, Kampong Keriam TB1141
Contact Number+673 426 0809


Miss travelling to Indonesia but can’t go there yet because the current pandemic situation is not favourable? And are you also looking for authentic Indonesian foods but can’t seem to find it anywhere? Worry no more! Bali Pit-Stop Restaurant serves authentic Indonesian dishes that make you instantly feel like you are in Bali. Don’t forget to try their award winning dish – Sotong Bakar which was recently awarded by The Brunei Food Awards 2020. We’re sure you will come back for more!

Photo courtesy from AA TB
Photo courtesy from Chee Hwa Ng

Additional Information :

Opening HoursMonday – Sunday, 6am – 1am
Address & LocationNo 2, Simpang 73, Kampong Panchor Dulit, Jalan Tutong, Tutong, Brunei Darussalam
Contact Number+673 733  6275
Social MediaInstagram : @balipitstop2tutong


Variety of food vendors by the locals that sell different kinds of foods can be found here. If you are looking for rice that costs as low as BND 1, then you must try Nasi Katok. It is a Bruneian signature rice that consists of rice, chicken and sambal. This is affordable! You should go there to explore more food like soto, traditional kueh and so on. This is one of the perfect spots to explore local cuisines.

Photo courtesy from Thanis Lim

Additional Information :

Operating HoursMonday – Thursday : Morning until Midday 
Friday also open but not business will operate
Address & LocationKompleks Pasarneka dan Tamu Tutong (Tutong Market) Kampung Serambangun; TA1741 Tutong, Brunei Darussalam.
Contact NumberN/A


One of the popular restaurants that you must try whenever you visit Tutong is I Luv Cafe Bistro. Located in Kampong Petani, this cozy cafe has left the best impressions for many customers who have dined in there. Their hospitable hosts, delicious dishes and aesthetically pleasing food presentation will give you an unforgettable experience. Their prawn aglio olio which was recently awarded by the Brunei Food Awards 2020 as the best pasta is definitely to die for! 

Photo courtesy from I Luv Cafe Bistro

Additional Information :

Opening HoursMonday – Sunday : 9am – 10:00pm
Drive through, delivery & takeout : 9am – 10:00pm
Address & LocationUnit No. 1 & 2 Ground Floor, Simpang 45, Lot 3496, Kampong Petani, Tutong Brunei Darussalam
Contact Number+673 422 0966
Whatsapp : +673 829 0966
Social MediaFacebook : I Luv Cafe Bistro
Instagram : @i.luv.cafe.bistro


The taste which breaks through the social media is Cendol Viral Kupang. They started early 2020 and have gained attention from the public. Differ from the original taste of Cendol, they invented a new unique taste of cendol that will make you drool over. They invented a new recipe of cendol which is the hybridisation of both cendol and oreo powder which for sure gives an instant soothing to your throat.

Photo courtesy from Media Permata

Additional Information :

Operating HoursEveryday : 9am – 9pm
Friday: 9am – 11:30 am , 3:00pm – 9pm
Address & LocationSimpang 362, Jalan Tutong, Kampong Kupang, Brunei
Contact Number+673 817 4131 
+673 865 2846


Crave for ice-cream? Look no further! Get your craving fixed at one of the popular ice cream shop called Simply Yummy. You can get an ultimate ice cream with boba pearls, cereal and caramel sauce topping for as low as $3.80. Apart from their famous ice cream, you must also try their popular drinks which are equally irresistible too! For instance, their milk tea series, cheese series, fruit tea and roasted brown sugar bubble milk tea are something you certainly don’t want to miss out!

Photo courtesy from Nadzirah Jailaini

Additional Information :

Opening HoursOpen – Monday – Sunday : 11am – 9pm.
Closed – Friday
Address & LocationPanchor Dulit Tutong Simpang 64
Contact Number+673 818 1741
Social MediaInstagram : @simplyyummy_