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Tutong district is an ideal holiday location especially for nature lovers, adventure seekers as well as everyday tourists who want to escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Interestingly, every attractions here in Tutong holds a deep history that is worth learning about. Not to mention the locals here are very kind and friendly too, helping you to ensure a pleasant journey along the way. Some of the essential features of the attractions here in Tutong include natural, cultural, cruise and built attraction.

Tasek Merimbun

Sungai Basong Recreational Park

Eco Ponies Garden

Tutong River Cruise

Pantai Seri Kenangan

Wasai Bedanu

Wasai Batu Mapan

Tasbee Meliponiculture Farm

Bintudoh Greenspring Resort

Lamin Warisan

Tamu Tutong

Tutong Town

Mercu Tanda Kenangan

Warisan Emas

Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque

Pengiran Anak Haji Mohammed Alam Mosque


(Natural Attraction)

Photo courtesy from Brunei Tourism

The hidden oasis of Tutong district which is famous for its dark colours and abundant variety of fauna is definitely a sight to witness when in Brunei Darussalam! Settling comfortably in the rural areas of Tutong, it possesses grandiose scenery of watery landscape which is coated by lily pads that float on top of it. It is also the largest natural lake in the country and is located just 70km from the capital Bandar Seri Begawan. Not only that, according to the Museum Department (2010), it also serves as the eleventh ASEAN Heritage Park due to the major discovery of a rare White-Collared Fruit Bat in 1983-1984.

Apart from the spectacular lake, Tasek Merimbun Heritage Park also has a butterfly garden that is worth exploring. Over 100 butterflies from over 30 distinct species may be seen in the park. Visitors will be able to see butterflies in their natural habitat, as they interact with the flora and fauna surrounding them.

Photo courtesy from Brutourbn

Additional Information : 

Opening HoursN/A
Address & LocationTaman Warisan Tasek Merimbun, Jalan Rambai Merimbun, Tutong.


(Natural Attraction)

Photo courtesy from Sutera co.

The lesser-known Sungai Basong Recreational Park offers something quite more unique than those mentioned earlier on as it gives visitors a glance of the Tutong way of life ranging from food, culture and landscape. At the park, visitors have the choice of going on an adventurous hike at Bukit Ambog, dine in Mawar Emas restaurant famous for its Murtabak or visit the Rumah Budaya which is just a direct translation to Cultural House.

Photo courtesy from Thanis Lim

Additional Information :

Opening HoursSungai Basong Recreational Park : 24 hours
Mawar Emas Restaurant : Everyday 6:30am-6:00pm
Address & LocationJalan Sungai Basong, Pekan Tutong
Contact NumberN/A


(Cultural & Built Attraction)

Photo courtesy from The Bruneian

This farm garden was built in 2015 with its motto “Garden Grows, Community Grows”. Those who are craving for the rural lifestyle or as the locals call it, the “kampong” way of life, are in for a treat as Eco Ponies Garden which is located deep in the far reaches of Kampung Lamunin in Tutong offers a variety of activities. Visitors can experience farm-to-table living as visitors are given the choice to cook the food by themselves or by the profoundly skilled chefs at Eco Ponies to prepare a meal from their garden.

Cabins can be rented if you want to experience the simplicity of life as Eco Ponies provide two small, rustic bamboo huts which are capable of holding about 5 people. Talk about a complete package! Adding on to that, this farm aspires to be Brunei’s foremost eco-tourism destination, emphasizing sustainability and conservation to both local and foreign visitors.

Additional Information :

Opening HoursN/A
Address & LocationJalan Bukit Sulang, Menangah, Kampung Lamunin, Tutong
Contact Number+673 737 7504
+673 891 3811
Social MediaInstagram: @eco_poniesgarden
Facebook: Eco Ponies Garden


(Natural Attraction)

Photo courtesy from

Visit to tutong wouldn’t be complete without enjoying a boat ride to see the sceneric and fantastic view of Sungai Tutong and the infamous Sungai Tutong signage. Tambang.Bn, Bahtera River Cruise and Seri Melati Boat Cruise are the operators that offer boat ride service or cruising with different packages with affordable prices.

Additional Information :

OperatorsPricesContact NumberSocial Number
Tambang.bnBelow 5 years old : $10
6-59 years old : $15
Above 60 years old : $10

2hr cruises, minimum 3 pax per trip
+673 712 8712Instagram
Bahtera River Cruise1 hr private cruise $150
1.5 hr private cruise $220
2 hr private cruise $270

Maximum 12 pax
+673 739 0188Facebook : Bahtera River Cruise
Instagram : @bahterarivercruise
Seri Melati Boat CruisePackage A : $130 Sightseeing
Capacity : 15 passengers pax
Duration : 1.5 – 2 hours
Route : Kuala Tutong Jetty > Tutong Town > Kuala Tutong Jetty

Package B : $130 Sunset cruise
Capacity : 15 passengers pax
Duration : 1.5 – 2 hours
Route : Kuala Tutong Jetty > Tutong Town > Kuala Tutong (sunset)

Package C : $150 Dine and Cruise (potluck)
Capacity : 11 passengers pax
Duration : 1.5 – 2 hours
Route : Kuala Tutong Jetty > Tutong Town (stop to dine in) > Kuala Tutong Jetty

Package D : Dine and cruise with your choice of catered food
+673 871 5124Instagram : @serimelati.boatcruise


(Natural Attraction)

Photo courtesy from Bruneidesi

The literal translation behind the name is “Unforgettable Beach” and this recreation site earns its name through its astounding view and being set on a split of land as the ruffled waters of the  South China Sea is located on one end while the other is the mirror-smooth Tutong River. Visitors can simply just relax while soaking their feet in the balmy ocean water as the sea breeze flows through and enjoy the striking sunset of Pantai Seri Kenangan. This white sand beach is without a doubt a gem to take in at the moment!

Additional Information :

LocationPantai Seri Kenangan


(Natural Attraction)

Photo courtesy from Brutourbn

Wasai Bedanu (which means Bedanu Waterfall) was first discovered by the villagers in the 1980s. The park was later upgraded in 2010 to give some basic facilities for the convenience of international travelers. Some of the basic facilities include administration building and surau (prayer hall), multipurpose field, public restroom, huts, viewing towers and village house models.

Interestingly,  aside from Wasai Bedanu, the park also has two smaller wasai, Wasai Sapok and Wasai Batu Ampar, all of which can be reached via jungle trekking. Visitors will be astonished by the seven waterfalls situated near Wasai Bedanu. The Bedanu Cave and Bedanu Lake are also permanent features that provide the ideal settings for visitors to be amazed.

Additional Information :

LocationWasai Bedanu


(Natural Attraction)

Photo courtesy from brutourbn

Another promising location in Mukim Kiudang found in Kampung Pad Nunok is Wasai Batu Mapan which takes only 5 minutes away from Wasai Bedanu. This valuable gem is regarded to be an alternative location for leisure during the holidays. It was formally opened in June 2011 and is also known as Batu Mapan Recreational Park. This wasai used to be a bathing spot for the natives. The stones that resemble boards gave rise to the term ‘Batu Mapan,’ or boarded stones.

The lake which is accompanied by a calming waterfall, is the primary feature in the wasai. Huts, public restrooms, a guard post and a small performance stage are among the facilities provided in the park. For improved access to the park, bridges, stairs, walking route  and jungle tracks were constructed. Tourists can also use the picnic and barbecue sites during their visit.

Additional Information :

Opening HoursEveryday, 6am – 6:30pm
LocationWasai Batu Mapan


(Natural & Built Attraction)

Photo courtesy from Pusangkalye

Head over to Tasbee Meliponiculture Farm where over a hundred stingless bee nests are nurtured there for its delectable “Kelulut Honey.” Interestingly, you are allowed to extract honey yourself by following Mr Tasby’s simple instructions. You may extract up to 30 mL of honey and put it in a small bottle container and bring it home with you for just $3 BND (about $2.2 USD). No wonder this is the highlight of the trip! Don’t miss out this golden opportunity as you don’t usually get this chance at any other bee farm elsewhere.

Remember to stop by the bee farm’s small gallery first. There, you will gain more knowledge about the stingless bees in detail. There are also a range of products available for purchase on the display including small jars of honey, honey-based soap, beeswax candles, and propolis (a mixture of plant sap and bee secretions with health benefits).

Additional Information :

Address & LocationNo. N14 Spg 1159-50, Jalan Bukit Nanas, Kampung Sungai Kelugos Tutong TB2741 Negara Brunei Darussalam.
Social MediaInstagram : @tasbeehjmamit


(Natural & Built Attraction)

Photo courtesy from Bintudoh Greenspring Resort

This resort is built based on the concept of an “eco-village.” It offers visitors an exciting opportunity to experience some of the eco-friendly activities such as rafting, fishing, kayaking and flying. To further enhance your experience in this resort, they also offer night activities such as camping in the woods and learning how to build a campfire, as well as cabins and dorms. Since this place used to be a large fruit plantation, visitors may also get to taste some of the popular local fruits such as durian, pineapples, rambutans, kembayau and other fruits during the fruit season.

Additional Information :

Opening HoursOpen daily from 8am – 6pm but closed every Thursday
Entrance FeeWalk-in : $3 per person
Address & Location Simpang 113, Jalan Bukit Sulang, Kg Lamunin, Tutong
Contact Number266 3280
Social MediaWebsite :
Facebook : Bintudoh Green Spring Resort
Instagram : @bintudohgreenspringresortbn


(Cultural Attraction)

Photo courtesy from Brunei Tourism

As an initiative to further preserve the rich cultural heritage of Tutong District, Lamin Warisan was established. Originally built in 1956, the house has kept many memorabilia which start as early as the 1950s! It was not only in 2012 where the gallery was officially opened to showcase traditional artifacts and documents belonging to ethic communities in the district. Although it was renovated to give it a more modern aesthetic, many of the old features were kept intact.

Additional Information :

Opening HoursEveryday: 9.30am – 4.30pm
Except Friday: 9.30am – 12pm , 2.30 – 5pm
Address & LocationNo. 63 Jalan Sebakit Bawah, Kampong Tanjong Maya
Contact Number+673 822 0868
Whatsapp : 8220868
Social MediaInstagram: @laminwarisan


(Cultural & Built Attraction)

Photo courtesy from whatsneue

Being the largest market in the country, it is home to many bargain worthy local handicrafts and local cuisines. It opens weekly starting as early as 6 in the morning and goes on until 12 in the noon which plays as the centre for vendors of all kinds of products. Have a stroll along the walkways of the market finding colourful hand-woven baskets or munch down on an assortment of fritters ranging from sweet potatoes to bananas. Spend your morning browsing through this exceptional market.

Additional Information :

Opening HoursThursday: 5.30am – 12pm
Address & Location Kompleks Pasarneka Tamu Tutong, Pekan Tutong
Contact NumberN/A


(Built Attraction)

Photo courtesy from Azrol Azmi

Officially known as “Pekan Tutong” as the locals would say, this small serene and peculiar town may not have the level of attractions of its neighbouring districts however rest assured, it is without a doubt a must stopover when on a road trip across the country.  Enjoy the view of the vast and eye-catching Tutong River and the mangrove forests that come with it while you sit in vintage coffee shops which may have seen decades of operation on the other side. Not to forget the famous fried Kuey Teow and grilled glutinous rice package known as “Pulut Panggang” as your main meals. It is an opportunity not to miss!

Additional Information :

LocationTutong Town


(Cultural & Built Attraction)

Photo courtesy from Brunei Tourism

Looking for a picturesque photo background while on your Brunei Darussalam adventure? Well look no further as the Mercu Tanda Kenangan located in Tutong Town is the place for you. Officiated in the year 2004 in honoring His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam’s 58th birthday,  this scenic monument stands tall with an arch and is ringed by 8 sheathed “Keris” which is a local asymmetrical dagger welded by male civilians and members of the royal family in combat; also serves as the symbol of ethic pride of the Malay community in the country.

Additional Information :

Location Mercu Tanda Kenangan


(Cultural & Built Attraction)

Photo courtesy from Brunei Tourism

Another landmark monument which was built in Tutong Town as tribute to His Majesty the Sultan of Brunei Darussalam’s 60th birthday. The sculptures resemble and depict Bruneian culture and tradition“gulingtangan” sculpture is spread across and this embodies the country’s rich heritage and appreciation for cultural arts. Additionally, replicas of  “beduk”, “lasok” , “nyiru” and also “tekiding” can be found along  the area as these reproductions represent the stronghold of Islam as the state’s religion and the drudgery the residents benevolently endured for independence.

Additional Information :

LocationWarisan Emas

MOSQUES in Tutong:

(Cultural & Built Attraction)

When entering the mosque: 

  • Appropriate clothes (no sleeveless shirts for men & women to cover up all skin)
  • No food and drinks
  • Footwear should be removed
  • Keep silent


Photo courtesy from MOFA Brunei

The oldest mosque in Tutong is Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque which is located about 1km from Tutong Town. The mosque was built on the 17th. April, 1965 on a site of 2,2357 acres and completed its construction in mid -1966 at an expense of $ 700,000.00. The mosque was officially opened on Friday, 9th. Jamadilawal, 1386 corresponding to the 26th. August, 1966.

Additional Information :

Location Hassanal Bolkiah Mosque


Photo courtesy from Brunei Resources

Pengiran Anak Haji Mohamed Alam Mosque that is located in Kampung Sengkarai was built on five acres of land and was fully completed on 3 February 2017. The mosque, which can accommodate about 1,000 worshipers, has facilities such as a main men’s prayer hall, women’s prayer hall, meeting room, lecture room, library room, mortuary management room and passage for People with Special Needs.

Additional Information :

LocationPengiran Anak Haji Mohammed Alam Mosque