ACTIVITIES in Brunei Muara

Brunei Darussalam is often known as the Abode of Peace, is also a place that has wider opportunities for fun activities and adventures yet to be discovered! Here are a few activities for you to have some fun during your time in Brunei Muara!


Given the beautiful and unique sights of the green environment in Brunei, the existence of the hiking trails have provided not just all Bruneians but also tourists, a passion to have fun, healthy, and relatively simple ways in exploring their connection with nature, breathtaking views and the people around. Hiking is unique among the many outdoor recreational activities since it is readily accessible. Some of the famous hiking trails that are open to the public 24/7 are Bukit Sipatir, Bukit Sarang Helang, Tasek Lama and Bukit Shahbandar.


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Photo courtesy from All Trails


Photo courtesy from All Trails

Location for each hiking trails:

Bukit Sarang Helang


Serasa Beach is one of the popular destinations for those who love water sport activities such as jet skiing, poni diving, scuba diving, waterskiing, kayaking and MORE. Everything is made available by the Serasa WaterSports Complex’s extensive facilities under the Poni Divers Brunei. 

Photo courtesy from Poni Divers Brunei

Additional Information:

Opening Hours

Daily: 8 am – 5 pm

Contact Number

+673 277 1778 

+673 719 9322

Entrance Fee

Watersports rates starts from $30/activity. Just click this link here for further info on other packages they offer.

Social Media

Website: Poni Divers

Instagram: @ponidivers 

Facebook: Poni Divers


In Brunei Darussalam, since 1994, Jerudong Park is the largest and the most expensive amusement park built with its own waterpark. You’ll be ready for an entertaining day with friends and family of getting your day filled with laughing, splashing and screaming around as soon as you walk in the playground. You get to experience thrilling rides and water rides that they offer. Swing back and forth the Pirate Ship or speed on the Junior Coaster, or simply take a relaxing walk along the fancy walkway. Take a picturesque ride on the double decker carousel, they never run out of horses. Splash in the cool water of the waterpark, make sure to bring extra clothing! Take a selfie with the majestic Crystal Arch by the entrance of the park, do it for the gram.

Photo courtesy from Jerudong Park

Additional Information:

Opening Hours

Thursday: 4pm – 11pm

Friday: 3pm – 11.30pm

Saturday & Sunday: 10am – 11.30pm

Monday – Wednesday: Closed

Contact Number

+673 261 1777


Entrance Fee

Just click this link here for further info on packages they offer

Social Media

Website: JPCC

Instagram: @jerudongpark

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Imagine a day where traffic noise is replaced by the chirping of birds, the roar of engines is replaced by laughter and merry chatter, where the smell of petrol and diesel is replaced by the smell of delicious food. Imagine a day, where the streets will be used by pedestrians or space for cycling only. Well you can find and experience all of this in Bandarku Ceria, since 2016, as it aims to liven up the atmosphere of Bandar Seri Begawan and make it a dynamic, vibrant and superior city during the weekend.

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Additional Information:

Opening Hours

Every Sunday only: 6 am – 10 am

Contact Number


Entrance Fee


Social Media

Instagram: @bandarkuceria

Facebook: Bandarku Ceria