Green Leaders Camp 7


Our theme currently focuses on climate change to reflect the current global challenge. Rising global temperature and change in weather patterns have shown the impacts of climate change, which would have significant effect on agriculture, economy and social well-being. Brunei Darussalam is no exception from the impacts of climate change, as can be seen and felt from the rising temperatures and natural disasters. It is imperative that we continuously encourage climate change discourse to enable the public to make more conscious decisions and take actions towards combating this global challenge.

GLC7 will be open to 40 youth aged between 15 to 35 years old. During GLC7, participants will be exposed to the various elements of climate change, learn from experts in the field and work together towards developing ideas and to take action. The camp will be conducted through panel discussions, field trips and outdoor activities. Participants are expected to organise follow up projects or community service with the support from Green Brunei after the programme.


Date: 3 – 5 August 2019 (Saturday – Monday)
Venue: Pusat Belia


  • To raise participants’ awareness and create better understanding about the environmental situation in the country
  • To develop strategies on combating climate change from a youth and community level
  • To enhance individual skills such as leadership, teamwork, creative thinking and public speaking


The programme will be conducted via:

  • Discussions
  • Presentations
  • Field trips


The event is open to youth between 15 – 35 years old.

The programme is limited to 40 participants


Registration fee is $35.00 which is inclusive of refreshments, merchandise, accommodation, insurance and certificate.

Deadline to register is 10 July 2019. Payment can be made via Green Brunei’s bank account:

Bank Name: Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam
Account Name:  Helwa’s Green Services
Account Number: 00-015-01-0022150


  • Participants are expected to have a better understanding about the many issues and environmental challenges faced in the country
  • Through dialogues with different stakeholders, participants are expected to develop a stronger interest in taking part in environmental activities
  • The participants are expected to execute their project after completing the programme.


Participants will be staying at the Youth Centre. The facility includes male and female sleeping quarters, shared bathrooms and prayer rooms.


The programme practises a No Single Use Plastic policy. Bottled water will not be distributed but instead participants are asked to bring their reusable bottles and refillable water will be on standby throughout the programme. Other single use plastics such as straws or plastic cutleries will not be provided.

The organisers will ensure that safety is of paramount importance during the programme. Checks will be done to mitigate any potential risks and first aiders will also be on standby.