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Hike at Bukit Bujang Pahang, Kg Menunggol! The whole trip costs $20 only, and you’ll get to see hidden treasures such as caves, stacked stones, and, of course, the overlooking Brunei-Labuan border once you reach the peak.


Bukit Batu Bujang Pahang is located at Kampong Menunggol, Pulau Berambang.

People and hikers trek while enjoying scenic views at the peak, taking landscape photos, and encountering the Lubang Batu Cave and Bat Cave.

Not everyone is familiar with this Island as it requires transport planning to get there. So the event was an opportunity for those who seek new sights that Brunei offers. 

The event’s outcome revealed participants to Bukit Bujang Pahang and its environment and its appreciation of nature.


  • The Arrival of participants using Jetty
  • Boat Ride
  • Bus Ride
  • Warmup Session
  • Hiking
  • Group Photo Session
  • Refreshments


Green Brunei Committees


The registration fee was $20. Which included:

  • Food
  • Boat Fare
  • Bus Fare
  • Tour Guide
  • MPK Payment

Safety & Refreshments

Participants are advised to bring their water bottles. This trip will only provide food.

2 First Aiders who joined the event were on standby.

For More Info

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