Date Event Name Category Outcome
2023/09/21 BMC Tree Planting Tree Planting participants
2023/09/20 Hengyi Beach Cleanup at Serasa Beach Beach Cleanup 55 participants
2023/09/16 Brunei LNG Beach Cleanup at Danau Beach Beach Cleanup 200 participants
2023/09/01 Brunei LNG Beach Cleanup at Sungai Liang Beach Beach Cleanup 75 participants
2023/08/15 The Lanes Hotel and SR Danau Beach Cleanup Beach Cleanup 110 participants
2023/07/22 Sekolah Menengah Masin Beach Cleanup Beach Cleanup 57.2kg of trash
2023/07/21 UTB Muara and Serasa Beach Cleanup Beach Cleanup 240kg of trash
2023/07/09 DHL Beach Cleanup Beach Cleanup 180.4kg of trash
2023/07/08 Panaga Beach Cleanup Beach Cleanup 200kg of trash
2023/07/02 Standard Chartered Bank Brunei Beach Cleanup Beach Cleanup 223.8kg of trash
2023/06/26 MYCE Environment Week Exhibition Awareness NA
2023/06/22 Sekolah Rendah Labu Estate Workshop NA
2023/06/17 AIA Beach Cleanup Beach Cleanup NA
2023/06/01 Riverside School: World’s Turtle Day Workshop Workshop NA
2023/05/27 St.John’s Environmental Awareness Workshop Workshop NA
2023/05/24 Coastal Pollution Workshop Workshop NA
2023/03/19 UOB Tree Planting Tree Planting 63 trees
2023/03/17 Brunei LNG Coastal Cleanup Beach Cleanup 67 bags of trash, 100 volunteers
2023/03/15 Environmental Awareness Workshop at Seri Mulia Sarjana School Workshop NA
2023/03/11 Japanese Association Beach Cleanup Beach Cleanup 57 bags of trash
2023/02/25 Green Depot Recycling Drive Recycling Drive NA
2023/02/23 Plastic-Free National Day Celebration Awareness NA
2023/02/17 ‘LESS’ Create A Poster: Water Conservation Poster Making Competition NA
2023/02/11 St.Andrews Ocean Awareness Workshop Workshop NA
2023/02/05 Kontena Park Recycling Drive Recycling Drive NA
2022/11/20 Ocean Awareness Workshop at St. Andrews school Workshop NA
2022/10/24 Pertandingan Lukisan Poster Perubahan Iklim Art Competition NA
2022/09/10 EEP: Berakas Forest Reserve Tree Planting 250 trees
2022/10/9 Lumut Beach Cleanup Beach Cleanup NA
2022/09/06 EEP Tour Field Trip NA
2022/09/03 The start of Environmental Education Project (EEP): Tree Planting Tree Planting 150 volunteers
2022/08/18 Beach Cleanup at Muara Beach with High Commission of Malaysia Beach Cleanup 57 bags of trash
2022/08/13 Beach Cleanup at Muara Beach Beach Cleanup 14 bags of trash
2022/06/24 ‘Adopt A Tree’ Tree Planting NA
2022/06/11 IBTE Sultan Bolkiah tree planting to help BLNG’s goal to plant 1000 trees in 2022 Tree Planting 200 trees
2022/06/04 AIA Tree Planting at Taman Sungai Berakas Tree Planting 40 trees
2022/06/02 Brunei LNG Tree Planting Tree Planting 600 trees
2022/04/08 Eco-Ramadhan: Love Food, Hate Waste Virtual Talk NA
2022/04/07-13 Projek “Care for Orphans” Charity NA
2022/04/01 BIBD Connects Lambak Tree Planting Tree Planting 20 trees
2022/03/28 BLNG Tree Planting at Taman Tang Salangan, Tungku Tree Planting 200 trees
2022/01/30 Gaia Tree Planting at Taman Tang Salangan, Tungku Tree Planting 15 trees
2022/01/12 Tree Planting with High Commission of India at Berakas Forest Tree Planting 75 trees
2022/01/11-02/26 Environmental Education Tour (EET) Virtual Talk with Tenaga Suria Brunei Educational Talk 857 participants
2022/04/02 Tree Planting with Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd at Berakas Forest Tree Planting 510 trees
2021/03/23 8th Green Leaders Camp Workshop NA
2019/04/07 GB Eco Race Competition 44 participants
2019/03/31 Recycling Drive Recycling NA
2018/12/09 Recycling Drive Recycling NA
2018/03/26-29 6th Green Leaders Camp: City Planning Participation 14 participants
2017/12/23 Meragang Beach Clean Up Participation NA
2017/12/23 International Volunteer Day Exhibition Participation NA
2017/08/20 Trip to Selirong Island Field Trip 25 participants
2017/04/23 Remarkable Green Race 3 Competition 72 participants
2017/03/27-30 5th Green Leaders Camp Camp 15 participants
2016 Seri Kenangan Beach Clean Up by GLC3 Alumni GLC Alumni Project NA
2016 Talk in MSPSBS Talks NA
2016/12/5-8 4th Green Leaders Camp Camp 29
2016/04/17 Waste 2 Art Exhibition by GLC2 Alumni GLC Alumni Project NA
2015 Talk in Institute Teknologi Brunei Talks NA
2015 3R Race by GLC3 Alumni GLC Alumni Project NA
2015 Talk in Young Project Managers Workshop organised by BUSA Talks NA
2015 Talk in Career 101 event organised by UBD Guild Talks NA
2015 Talk in the Chevening Brunei Youth Forum organised by Chevening Alumni Talks NA
2015 Eco Drive Recycling NA
2015 PTET Green Race by GLC2 Alumni GLC Alumni Project NA
2015 PTET Zero Waste Talk by GLC2 Alumni GLC Alumni Project NA
2015 World Environment Day Exhibition organised by Ministry of Development Participation NA
2015 Sea Turtle Conservation Workshop organised by Ministry of Primary Resources & Tourism Participation NA
2015/12/5 Endangered Wildlife of Borneo Exhibition Exhibition 100 visitors
2015/09/20-23 3rd Green Leaders Camp Camp 31
2015/09/5-6 Green Ambassadors Field Trip Field Trips 33 participants
2015/09/5-6 Green Ambassadors Programme Talks NA
2015/07/24-26 ASEAN Power Shift [Singapore] Participation NA
2015/06/08 Eco Drive – planted 150 trees Tree Planting NA
2015/05/21-24 International Workshop on Climate Change [Melaka] Participation NA
2015/04/11-12 2nd Green Leaders Camp Camp 27 participants
2015/03/15 SCOT Green Xchange 7 Recycling NA
2015 Talk in SR Hj Md Jaafar Maun, Kiulap Talks NA
2015/05/31 Talk in PTE Sengkurong Talks NA
2015/02/16 Pangolin Conservation Workshop organised by Ministry of Primary Resources & Tourism & British High Commission Participation NA
2015/02/01 Green Gathering organised by Hip and Healthy Participation NA
2014 Talk in Sekolah Menengah Jamalul Alam Talks NA
2014 Green Youth Workshop by GLC1 Alumni GLC Alumni Project 40 participants
2014/12/13 Remarkable Green Race Competitions NA
2014/12/05 International Volunteer Day organised by Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Participation NA
2014/10/30 BGC Sg Besar Clean Up Clean Up NA
2014/10/26 Trip to Gua Niah Field Trips NA
2014/10/20-26 International Youth Organization Forum & Beijing Sister City Youth Camp [Beijing] Participation NA
2014/10/19 The Great Race organised by Royal Brunei Airlines Participation NA
2014/10/03 Talk in the EduCom Expo organised by LeadingEdge Talks NA
2014/08/13 National Environment Conference organised by Asia Inc Forum Participation NA
2014/08/11 Recycling Drive – Taman Jubli Perak Recycling NA
2014/07/12-13 Singapore Power Shift [Singapore] Participation NA
2014/06/17-21 1st Green Leaders Camp Camp 35 participants
2014/06/12 Mangrove Planting 2 – planted 105 trees Tree Planting NA
2014/05/29 Talk in Sekolah Menengah PIHM, Serasa Talks NA
2014/05/08 Talk in STPRI Talks NA
2014/04/22 Earth Day Planting – planted 40 trees Tree Planting NA
2014/04/12 Talk in Sekolah Menengah Rimba 2 Talks NA
2014/04/09 Talk in Maktab Duli Talks NA
2014/03/24 Energy Week organised by Energy Department, Prime Minister’s Office Participation NA
2014/03/01 Mangrove Planting – planted 100 trees Tree Planting NA
2014/02/27 Talk in Laksamana College of Business Talks NA
2013 2nd Youth Environmental Leadership Programme Camp NA
2013 Youth Environmental Leadership Programme Camp NA
2013 Talk in Jerudong International School Talks NA
2013/06/04 National Environment Conference organised by Asia Inc Forum Participation NA
2013/05/17 3rd Nature’s Avengers Camp NA
2013/04/10 Eco-Socio Entrepreneurship Seminar Seminars 50 participants
2013/03/24 2nd Nature’s Avengers Camp 60 participants
2013/02/17 Green Leaders Youth Energy Summit [Manila] Participation NA
2013/01/23 Nature’s Avengers Camp 30 participants
2012/11/11 International Conference on Heart of Borneo+5 and Beyond [Sabah] Participation NA
2012/10/09 Wildlife in Asia Talks NA
2012/08/11 Discovering Green Brunei Phone Photography Competition Competition NA