Yayasan MPK Sungai Bunga Trip to Kampong Bolkiah with Kelab Wanita Kampong Bolkiah

On the 22nd of October 2023, Green Brunei, in partnership with Yayasan MPK Sungai Bunga, orchestrated an enlightening excursion to the heart of Sungai Bunga, with a special focus on Kampong Bolkiah. The trip was meticulously curated to promote community engagement and foster economic awareness among the residents, with the ultimate goal of bolstering the development of Kampong Bolkiah.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from the residents of Kampong Bolkiah A and Kampong Bolkiah B, in conjunction with the dedicated involvement of the Kampong Bolkiah Women’s Group and esteemed community leaders. Notable figures such as Awang Raimi bin Awang Rashid, Penghulu Mukim Zon 2 Kampung Ayer, and several other prominent individuals, graced the occasion with their presence, underscoring the significance of the initiative.

The primary aim of the visit to Kampong Bolkiah was to impart valuable insights into the active economic activities administered by MPK Sungai Bunga. Through this initiative, the organizers aspired to provide an invaluable opportunity for the residents of Kampong Bolkiah A and Kampong Bolkiah B to synergize their efforts and collectively amplify the economic vitality of their respective villages.

The itinerary for the day was designed to offer practical knowledge on various income generation techniques, emphasizing the production and marketing of village-based products. The interactive sessions facilitated an exchange of innovative ideas and constructive perspectives, fostering a spirit of cooperation and communal advancement.

The visit to Kampong Bolkiah symbolized a significant step towards fostering a culture of shared learning and collaboration, where communities unite to assimilate valuable insights, share experiences, and fortify their economic pursuits. It is anticipated that the outcomes of this communal endeavor will substantially contribute to the holistic development and prosperity of Kampong Bolkiah and its esteemed residents.