Green Brunei’s River Cleanup Event Makes Waves in Environmental Conservation during EU-ASEAN Green Diplomacy Week

Bringing together the spirit of environmental consciousness and community engagement, Green Brunei orchestrated a highly successful River Cleanup Event in conjunction with the EU-ASEAN Green Diplomacy Week on October 21st. The event, characterized by enthusiastic participation from over 140 volunteers representing UBD, UTB, and UNISSA, proved instrumental in driving positive change and restoring the pristine beauty of Brunei’s natural landscapes.

The day kicked off with a lively warm-up session led by the renowned fitness instructor, James Thalgo, setting the tone for a day of spirited teamwork and dedication. The participants, fueled with energy and determination, embarked on a mission to cleanse and restore the ecological balance of three vital locations – Kampong Sungai Kebun, Kampong Bakut, and Kampong Sungai Siamas, by meticulously removing waste and debris from these areas.

The event not only underscored the significance of environmental responsibility but also highlighted the pivotal role of collaborative partnerships in fostering sustainable practices. The generosity of Lof Cakes and Bakery, who sponsored 120 delectable buns, and Skyvision, whose sponsored video amplified the event’s message, played a crucial role in supporting and motivating the diligent volunteers throughout the cleanup.

Furthermore, the unwavering support of Bomba Sg Kebun in assisting with the cleanup operations exemplified the spirit of communal responsibility in safeguarding the local environment.

Following the cleanup, the event featured a special reading by Green Brunei’s co-founder, Khairunnisa Ash’ari, of a message from His Excellency Sanjiro Seam, the EU Ambassador to ASEAN. The interactive Q&A session further enhanced the engagement of the participants, fostering a sense of shared purpose and camaraderie, with exciting prizes motivating active participation.

Green Brunei’s River Cleanup Event serves as a compelling testament to the transformative power of collective action and community involvement in realizing a sustainable and eco-friendly future. With an unwavering commitment to environmental advocacy, Green Brunei continues to inspire and empower communities to take meaningful steps towards building a cleaner, greener world for generations to come.