Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd Beach Cleanup at Serasa Beach, a Resounding Success with 55 Participants

In a collaborative effort to preserve the natural beauty of Brunei’s coastal ecosystems, Green Brunei and Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd organized an impactful beach cleanup event at Serasa Beach on 20 September 2023. Over 382.6 kg was collected in this impactful beach cleanup, with the help of enthusiastic participation of 55 dedicated volunteers. The beach cleanup made a significant contribution to the cleanliness and conservation of this stunning coastal area.

Serasa Beach, known for its sandy shores and crystal-clear waters, had been facing environmental challenges due to the accumulation of litter and plastic waste. Recognizing the importance of environmental stewardship, Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd, a leading energy and petrochemical company in Brunei, took the initiative to organize the beach cleanup event.

The event commenced at 7:30 AM with a warm welcome and safety instructions from Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd’s team. The participants, comprised of Hengyi employees, local community members, and environmental enthusiasts, gathered with a shared goal of making a positive impact on their beloved coastal environment.

Equipped with gloves, trash bags, and a strong commitment to the cause, participants spread out across the beach, diligently picking up litter and plastic waste. Beyond cleaning the beach, the event aimed to raise awareness about the importance of reducing plastic pollution and the responsible disposal of waste.

Throughout the beach cleanup, participants collected various items, including plastic bottles, food wrappers, big buckets, discarded fishing gear, and even freezer lid. The collected waste was carefully sorted and disposed of according to environmental guidelines, ensuring that recyclable materials were sent to appropriate recycling facilities.

Local businesses and organizations showed their support for the event by providing refreshments and snacks for the participants, fostering a sense of unity and community engagement.

By the end of the beach cleanup, Serasa Beach had undergone a remarkable transformation. The beach, once marred by litter, was now restored to its natural splendor, showcasing the positive impact of collective action on environmental conservation.

Hengyi Industries Sdn Bhd remains committed to environmental responsibility and plans to continue organizing community events and initiatives that promote sustainability and the protection of Brunei’s natural beauty.