Green Brunei Celebrates the Success of Collaborative Workshop with Jerudong International School

Green Brunei, a leading environmental organization, is excited to announce the resounding success of our recent workshop held in partnership with Jerudong International School on May 24th. The event brought together passionate young minds in a dynamic environment, fostering collaboration, learning, and a deeper commitment to environmental conservation.

The workshop, held at the esteemed Jerudong International School, proved to be a remarkable gathering of youths who share a common dedication to environmental protection and sustainability. Through engaging discussions, hands-on activities, and interactive sessions, the event served as a catalyst for personal growth, knowledge sharing, and skill development, ultimately equipping the participants to become active environmental advocates.

Green Brunei extends heartfelt appreciation to Jerudong International School for their invaluable support and time. Their commitment to nurturing the next generation of environmental stewards is truly commendable, and we look forward to continued collaboration in our shared mission to protect our coasts and safeguard our marine ecosystems.

Collaborations like the one with Jerudong International School are instrumental in shaping the future of our planet, as we collectively strive to address the environmental challenges that threaten our natural world. By working hand in hand, we can make a significant positive impact on our environment and contribute to a more sustainable future for all.

Green Brunei remains committed to organizing such enriching events and forging partnerships that aim to empower the youth and inspire a sense of responsibility towards the environment. We encourage other organizations, schools, and institutions to join hands with us in this noble endeavor.