‘Thrifting is trendy and budget friendly’

Thrifting is now seen as budget-friendly, eco-friendly and trendy, said Syazwina Sara.

“Thrifting was initially for the underprivileged communities and second-hand clothing was seen as dirty, old and undesirable. Now it has seen growing acceptance among the youth and increasingly de-stigmatised in popular culture,” she said at a virtual forum titled ‘Thrifting: Sustainable or Trendy?’ hosted by Green Brunei yesterday.

“Thrifting has entered the mainstream because of social media influence where it is promoted as a fashion statement while informing people about the underbelly of the fast fashion industry from landfill waste to exploitative working conditions,” said Syazwina. The forum was aimed at promoting environmental awareness by discussing related topics with speakers ranging from experts to youth advocates.

It highlighted the urgency to take care of the environment and enabled the public, especially the youth, to voice their opinions on how to achieve sustainability.

The forum gathered 53 participants, largely comprising youth aged between 21 and 30.

Along with Syazwina, La Vida Sdn Bhd Manager Dawn Lee was also another. Syazwina was featured on Just Bruneians, a local creative movement to inspire and empower local talents.

Lee said, “Thrift store is a good way to promote the three R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle.” She also urged consumers to “shop for good, do good”.

Lee shed some light on the customers that shop at thrift stores. Among them are people looking for rare items, the impoverished, students, youth and victims of house fires.

Legislative Council member and co-founder of Green Brunei Yang Berhormat Khairunnisa binti Haji Ash’ari also attended the forum.

La Vida is a non-profit organisation set up in 2007 to serve, strengthen and empower individuals and families including those with special needs.

La Vida also runs two thrift stores in Brunei, one in Berakas opened in 2018 and another in Tutong District open since last year.

Credit : Borneo Bulletin