Workshop with MDians : Marine Pollution Awareness.

In conjunction with Maktab Duli’s English festival which was held on 7th March, Green Brunei has been invited to participate a workshop. The objective of the event was to give the students the opportunity to learn and gain relevant current knowledge and skills from experts specialising in their area of interest, to allow students to learn skills such as organisation, teamwork and time management through participating in workshops, seminars and talks. It was also to spark an interest in the students through a medium outside of the learning classroom and to provide an opportunity for students to engage with relevant stakeholders to build knowledge relevant to their AS subjects and across the A’ Level curriculum.

Green Brunei has chosen ‘Marine Pollution Awareness’ as the main topic of the workshop. Watching a video about Marine Pollution, a think-pair-share session, and quizzes are part of the activities given to the students. Other than that, a booth was also set up for students to drop off where carbon calculator and more games were provided.



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