Students gather knowledge during visit to local beekeeper

Some 20 third year students from Universiti Brunei Darussalam (UBD) recently carried out a study-visit to the residence of Madu Kelulut entrepreneur Haji Abidin bin Haji Tengah to watch soap making out of Propolis Madu Kelulut in RPN Kampong Rimba.

Legislative Council member Yang Berhormat Khairunnisa binti Haji Ash’ari as the Community Outreach Programme Supervisor also participated.

Haji Abidin has been in the business for nearly six years and recently started producing soap out of the Propolis Madu Kelulut earlier this year.

The visit aimed to study the basic process of making soap, know the health benefits of honey and support and promote locally produced goods.

The students were taught how make the soap using organic ingredients such as propolis, Madu Kelulut, vegetable gluten and virgin coconut oil.

Haji Abidin shared that the soap is suitable for people with eczema or a sensitive skin, treatment for acne or acne scars and cracked heels.

Students also visited the kelulut beehive where they tried three types of honey – ItamaTuma Muda and Tuma Matang.

According to one of the students Noor Ismah Azeedah binti Haji Ishak, such visits are highly encouraged and was a valuable experience for her as she had the opportunity to try original Madu Kelulut from the beehive.


Legislative Council member Yang Berhormat Khairunnisa binti Haji Ash’ari in a group photo with the students and Haji Abidin bin Haji Tengah




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