Recycling Drive at RPN Mengkubau

Green Brunei together with Green Depot and Recover – in partnership with Majlis Perundingan Kampung (MPK) Kampung Panchor Mengkubau hosted a recycling drive at Bukit Riadah, Rancangan Perumahan Negara (RPN) Mengkubau.

The recycling drive was preceded by the distribution of flyers to houses within the national housing scheme in Kampung Panchor Mengkubau. The flyer distribution took place on the 10th of November with the help of about 60 volunteers.

Group photo of volunteers who helped distribute flyers

The purpose of the flyer distribution was two fold. The first was to let the residents of RPN Kampung Panchor Mengkubau know about the recycling drive happening the following weekend and the second was to inform them what recyclables would be accepted at the recycling drive and the specificity of items that fall under each category (e.g. under the plastic category, only plastic bottles would be collected, etc.)

Volunteer distributing flyers to homes

This is the first recycling drive held in a national housing scheme in the Brunei-Muara District; which was held on the 17th of November 2019.  The aim of this recycling drive was also to raise awareness among members of the public and to encourage them to recycle. Through this, members of the public also became more aware on what materials are considered recyclables and what aren’t; thus allowing them to separate out their waste and properly segregate them for recycling.

Volunteers helping to carry recyclables to weighing area
Volunteers weighing recyclables
Member of the public at the registration table.

During the recycling drive, members of the public were also introduced to Green Depot. Green depot is a recycling facility where residents of Brunei Darussalam can earn and save money by dropping off their recyclables at Green Depot’s facility at no minimum weight. Members of the public can also create a free account and log in to keep track of how much they have recycled and to keep track of how much they have earned from dropping off their recyclables at Green Depot’s facility.

A total of 548kg of recyclables were collected that day.Among them were 475kg of paper, 40kg of aluminium cans, 21kg of plastic bottles, 12kg of metals as well as e-waste and waste oil.

Total recyclables collected (separated into their own categories)

This recycling drive was organised by Green Brunei, Green Depot and RECOVER, with the support from MPK Kampung Panchor Mengkubau.

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