Green Brunei seeks funding options

GREEN Brunei is looking into the possibility of getting alternative sources of funding, such as securing annual grants for more effective and worry-free activities.

Green Brunei president Khairunnisa Ash’ari told The Brunei Times recently that the alternatives would replace their present efforts of sourcing for funds on a project to project basis.

“We face financial challenges. Although our projects have mostly been funded by generous sponsors, we feel too much time had been spent on seeking sponsorship instead of focusing on the real issues,” she said.

Discussions on suitable alternatives have already started among their core team members, said the environmental advocate.

“It will take time given our respective responsibilities outside of Green Brunei but I’m looking at within two or three years before we can see significant changes. In the meantime we are mainly addressing internal operations,” she said.

She said they would be looking at two possible options. The first is to identify local partners willing to contribute towards their annual budget. The other is to submit proposals to international organisations that offer grants.

Khairunnisa noted they would also continue to raise funds through other means such as sponsorship and charging for their activities.

Currently, Green Brunei carries out awareness or educational activities on environment sustainability, and they evaluate their impact based on the differences they have made on the lives of the people and institutions they work with.

She said Green Brunei wants to see schools continue to recycle, even without competitions driving the initiative.

“I personally feel very happy when I find that the alumni of our educational programmes continue to apply the knowledge and skills they have gained through our camps, and others who pursue environmental studies,” she said.

Source: The Brunei Times