Green Brunei to host HoB seminar

THE president of Green Brunei said the non-government organisation will be organising a Heart of Borneo Youth Seminar to bring together youth participants from the region to discuss the challenges and opportunities of the Heart of Borneo initiative to promote sustainable development.

The seminar, organised in partnership with the Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism, will be held from July 8 to 10.

Green Brunei president Khairunnisa Ash’ari told The Brunei Times that climate change will be one of the core topics in the seminar.

“The seminar will provide a platform for youth from Brunei and around the region to learn and share their ideas with fellow participants on, not just the issue of conservation, but also how Heart of Borneo (HoB) can contribute towards national development including identifying economic opportunities,” she said.

The seminar seeks to empower young people to take on the leadership role to promote sustainable development within the Heart of Borneo.

“By understanding the vast opportunities that comes with conserving our natural resources, the youth participants will also be able to tackle important issues of our time, including providing job opportunities, developing the economy, promoting sustainability and improving the overall livelihood of the communities of the three nations,” said Green Brunei’s website.

Green Brunei said, as future leaders, it is important that youth are equipped with the right knowledge and be guided towards making informed decisions as well as developing their communication and leadership skills to contribute towards positive change in their communities.

The Heart of Borneo Youth Seminar was organised in response to a call from youth to have their own platform, to discuss and contribute towards the Heart of Borneo Initiative during the Trilateral Heart of Borneo Conference held in 2015.

The objectives of the seminar are to develop a better understanding on the HoB initiative amongst youth, identify potential areas to develop the economy through HoB and develop skills that can assist youth leaders in promoting the initiative.

It also hopes to encourage youth to take on the leadership role to promote the Heart of Borneo initiative and ensure sustainable development of their countries.

Source: The Brunei Times