Raising eco awareness through waste recycling and management

THIS is with reference to the report published in The Brunei Times (March 2, 2016).

It is laudable that the environmental activist group, Green Brunei, will be organising a Waste 2 Art Exhibition to inculcate and promote recycling and waste management among growing and impressionable children.

In this age of global warming and fast depleting natural resources, environmental awareness and ecological protection activities like this would certainly go a long way in safeguarding nature, whose well-being is crucial for our existence and survival.

As it has been rightly pointed out that there is a need for non-governmental organisations and environmental activist groups to liaise with the corporate sector and government agencies in chalking out concerted environmental awareness and educational programmes, involving school children and the general public.

The gravity of climate crisis and the fallout of rising seas, deforestation and depleting fresh water resources have to realised by one all, only then the masses would begin to the problem seriously.

Hence, numerous measures like recycling wastes, sparing and judicious use of resources, less dependence on fossil fuels and shunning things that damage environment have to be taken up on long term basis.


Source: The Brunei Times