Raising eco awareness by turning waste into art

ENVIRONMENTAL Non-Government Organisation (NGO) Green Brunei will be organising the Waste 2 Art Exhibition 2016 in April.

The exhibition will incorporate an art competition open to students from schools nationwide and an exhibition to showcase the work of environmental NGOs in Brunei.

Project Manager for the event Mohd Norazwan Hj Mohd Anarul Adelluddin told The Brunei Times the exhibition serves to promote ongoing awareness on recycling and waste management, but with a touch of creativity and fun.

He added it will also show students alternatives on how they can learn to manage waste.

Mohd Norazwan said he was inspired to organise such an event because this kind of exhibition has already been introduced in many countries globally.

“Promoting this alternative way to recycle and manage waste can diversify the practices used in schools, homes and even shops,’’ he said.

During the exhibition, other environmental NGOs in Brunei will be invited to display their work and showcase their initiatives among students, so the latter can work with them towards combating environmental issues here.

Mohd Norazwan said they are expecting around 45 schools nationwide to be involved for the event.

Although the event is organised by Green Brunei, they will be also seeking partnerships from the government as well as private companies to ensure a smooth running of the event. The project manager said he expects the event to encompass innovation and creativity in defining current environmental issues, “as art comes from emotions and deep interpretations.”

The theme for the exhibition is “We Are The Greener Generation”.

The art competition for schools will be divided into a Colouring competition for Primary Schools; Artwork for Secondary Schools and Sculpting for Pre-Universities and Vocational Schools. For more information, Green Brunei can be contacted via email at or


Source: The Brunei Times