Run and be more green

BLOCK your calendar on March 13 as the Remarkable Green Race (RGR), organised by Green Brunei, will return to challenge participants physically and mentally on environmental issues while raising awareness on the matter at the same time.

The race will take place at the Bio-Innovation Corridor (previously the Agrotechnology Park) in Rimba. Online registration is still open until February 14.

The race is opened to only 30 teams in which one team will consists of four participants, aged from 15 to 35 years old. The registration fee is $20 per person.

“Since this is a green-edutainment event, we expect the participants will develop long-lasting awareness and appreciation towards nature and the surrounding environment. And at the same time, having fun,” said Project Manager for RGR, Ak Md Dinie Hafizuddin Pg Azman.

Interested teams can register online at . For any inquiries and further information, members of the public can also contact Dinie (8894784), Firdaus (8365070) and Aziq (8991748).

Source: The Brunei Times