Green Brunei organises field trip for students

THIRTY-three students and supervising teachers from three schools took part in a field trip organised by Green Brunei, last weekend.

The activity was part of the Green Ambassador Programme, which aims to increase more awareness on environmental issues.

The students made many stops during their two-day visit: the Tenaga Suria solar power plant in Seria, the Tropical Biodiversity Centre in Sungai Liang, the Tasbee Bee Farm in Kampong ungai Kelugos, the Wasai Batu Mapan, the Bintudoh Greenspring Resort in Lamunin, the Tasek Merimbun Gallery, the Butterfly Park, and the Daikyo Environmental Recycling in Serasa.

Through such ventures, the students were able to learn more about the various environmental topics including renewable energy, the “Heart of Borneo Initiative”, and beekeeping, as well as learning more about the country’s rich biodiversity. The students were exposed to various interactive activities, including tasting stingless bee honey drawn straight from the hive, playing in the interactive exhibit at the Tropical Biodiversity Centre, and observing waste being sorted for recycling.

The participants stayed in Bintudoh Greenspring Resort, where they were able to experience village life, and also take part in the Durian Festival, including a durian buffet.

A group photo of the students during the field trip

Roger Jia Sien Boon, who studies at Chung Hua Middle School, found the excursion interesting and a whole new experience. Among the things he said that he enjoyed, were the activities in Bintudoh. Nur Amalia binti Haji Abdul Bari, also from Chung Hua Middle School, admitted to never experiencing outdoor life before, but found the trip very relaxing and satisfactory.

A student from Rimba II Secondary School, Awangku Mohd Noor Aiman bin Pengiran Haji Juffery, had been eager to visit the Tropical Biodiversity Centre. When asked how he felt about the trip, he said “I didn’t know much about Brunei, but after this, I learned a lot more things about Brunei that were new to me. It was a good experience.”

Photos above show students taking part in activities during the field trip

Cikgu Siti Zahrani binti Haji Md Salleh, of Rimba II Secondary School, believes that her students gained a lot from the outing. “The whole trip was fun and interesting. The students had learned a lot of knowledge. Of course there were good, sad and exhausting moments, but all of that is an experience that I think every student will bring with them for the rest of their lives.”

Another supervising teacher, Cikgu Nur Syakirah Amalina binti Abdullah Tan, said that she came along on the trip with plenty of expectations in mind. “I do know that being out there surrounded by nature can feel strange, as opposed to staying at home, surrounded by creature comforts. I think it’s a good experience.” When asked how the trip had benefitted her students, she felt that the Greenspring Resort had provided a taste of what it was like for them to go without the privileges they usually enjoyed at home, and overall managed to evoke a sense of rural life.

The Green Ambassador Programme was launched in April 2015. Three schools are currently involved in the scheme: Sayyidina Ali Secondary School, Rimba II Secondary School and Chung Hua Middle School. At least 12 volunteers, or Green Ambassadors, assist in environmental clubs run by the schools, promoting activities every four to seven weeks.

Source: Borneo Bulletin