6 Bruneians attend ASEAN debate on environmental issues

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SIX young environmental activists and advocates from the sultanate yesterday joined the final day of ASEAN Power Shift, a youth summit on environmental issues held in Singapore.


Brunei was represented by Khairunnisa Ash’ari, Firdaus Ismail, Amal Kasibah Bahari, Muhd Azim Alidin, Md Norazwan Hj Md Anarul Adelluddin and Abdul Muqsit Hj Jafari.

Held from July 24-26, the youth summit aimed to build capacity from the ground up, which is to groom youth to become champions in climate action in their respective country and the region.

It also serves as a common platform for young environmental activists and advocates to empower themselves with critical skills to scale up the climate movement while at the same time meeting and connecting with other youth leaders across all 10 ASEAN countries who are working in the same field.

During the conference, the ASEAN youth networks aligned positions towards the climate negotiations later this year in Paris which is known as the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP21).

One of the Bruneian delegates, Muhd Azim, shared that it was his first participation in a regional-level conference.

“The discussions and debates on climate change with people of different backgrounds have taught me a lot such as learning to respect other’s opinions, overcoming (your own) fear of expressing and voicing out opinions, critical thinking, teamwork, time management and many more. The experience so far is immeasurable,” he said.

Another Bruneian delegate, Abdul Muqsit also shared the same sentiment where he felt honoured to represent the sultanate and be part of drafting the ASEAN position paper on environmental issues.

He added, “The workshop sessions that I’ve attended were completely new to me… the contents were massively detailed. Due to the different point of views coming from the speakers, this actually made it easier to understand the issues and have taught me a lot.”

According to the official website, about 40 speakers were invited across ASEAN and internationally, from a diverse mix of non-government organisations, private and government, including ASEAN’s Deputy Secretary-General A.K.P Mochtan and Singapore’s Minister for the Environment and Water Resources, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan.

Source: The Brunei Times