MoD: Practise recycling lifestyle

THE Minister of Development (MOD) yesterday encouraged the public to start practicing recycling lifestyle and also to get hold of the copy of the recently-launched “Recycle 123 Handbook” for tips.

“The information in the handbook is meant to provide the public first-hand information and tips on what to do with their domestic rubbish,” said Yang Berhormat Pehin Orang Kaya Indera Pahlawan Dato Seri Setia Hj Suyoi Hj Osman on the sidelines of the planting of 150 tree saplings at Muara Beach yesterday to mark World Environment Day.

The “Recycle 123 Handbook” launched by the Department of Environment, Parks and Recreation (JASTRe) last week is in support of the department’s initiative to promote recycling in the country.

The handbook can be downloaded from JASTRe’s website at . It contains simple information on recycling and waste materials such as metals, plastic, paper, green waste from tree clippings, used tyres, oil and electronic waste.

Aside from recycling, the minister also urged the public to throw their litter responsibly. “I would like to remind the people not to throw their rubbish all over the place. Instead, they should throw their rubbish in recycling bins which can help the government in their effort to protect the environment,” he added.

The minister also lauded the initiatives by JASTRe and NGO Green Brunei to raise public awareness in protecting the environment. He also commended them for managing to pull in 90 volunteers from 10 schools for the Green Brunei Eco Drive project.

According to the Green Brunei Community Engagement Director, Khairunnisa Ash’ari, the participating schools were Jerudong International School, Sultan Sharif Ali Secondary School, Politeknik Brunei, Sayyidina Husain Secondary School, Sayyidina Hasan Secondary School, Sharif Ali Secondary School, St Andrew’s School, Institut Teknologi Brunei, Pengiran Anak Puteri Hjh Masna Secondary School and Pehin Datu Seri Maharaja Mentiri Secondary School.

The role of the Green Brunei is to encourage more recycling drive effort for students through their “Green Brunei Eco Drive”, said Khairunnisa. “Last year, we managed to collect over 33 tonnes of recyclables from 52 schools through our Recycling Drive. We hope that by organising this Eco Drive, it will make recycling a more regular activity in our community,” added the founder.

Khairunnisa noted the lack of recycling depots in Brunei which might deter people from regular recycling. “We have our recycling campaigns to encourage recycling, but it should be something that is done on a regular basis so that the impact can be more sustainable. There is definitely increased awareness, however, in practice we don’t really see a strong impact yet,” said the founder of the Green Brunei.

She reminded the public on the impact of overflowing landfills and trash that goes into the rivers and the streets which have adverse effect to health. “Recycling is something that everyone can do and it doesn’t cost anything…We need everyone to contribute by reducing waste through the practice of 3R – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. It’s something that can be done at home, in the office or in school,” said Khairunnisa.

The minister of development planted a number of tree saplings along the walkways of the Muara Beach as well as officiating the launching of the Green Brunei: Eco Race.

Source: The Brunei Times