SMSA students’ Green Leadership Camp insights

A TOTAL of 28 students from Sixth Form Centres across the nation recently participated in a Green Leadership Camp (GLC).

The second edition of the two-day one-night camp was organised by Green Brunei, a non-profit organisation that focuses in promoting environmental education and conservation.

Initiated by the organisation’s founder, Khairunnisa Ash’ari, and led by Camp Leader Firdaus Ismail, the camp was held to raise the awareness of environmental issues among youths while adapting to the theme “Ideas into Action”.

Four students from Belait-based Sayyidina Ali Secondary School (SMSA), who participated in the camp, shared their experiences.



“The camp has inspired me to further educate the youth within our community as our planned project. This will mainly focus on raising awareness on the environmental issues that we are currently facing while also introducing the spirit of volunteerism amongst them,” remarked Abdul Muqsit Hj Jafari.

His peer, on the other hand, shared what it took to be a good leader. “I’ve realised that in order to be a leader, we need to be proactive, innovative and also knowledgeable but first it is important that we are willing to volunteer ourself in activities such as this. Furthermore, we also get to share ideas with other students while creating bonds with other participants,” stated Muhammad Zulqarnain Julaihi. It was also an eye opener for Asila Hanum Hj Ahad. “Before this camp, I was unaware of the fact that Brunei has a lot of green NGOs and I realised that even a small action can make a change to the environment. I am looking forward to joining Green Brunei’s upcoming activities in order to raise the awareness of other Bruneians about environmental issues.”

“GLC was my first outdoor camp and I get to experience nature’s beauty firsthand from the calming ocean breezes to the mesmerising stars while being able to socialise with other participants. It has a self-empowering effect on me and this made me realise that we have the power to make a difference,”added Nur Hanis Nazihah Ideris.

The camp concluded with the handing of certificates to the participants.

Source: The Brunei Times