Wildlife surveyed in Ulu Belait during training session

SOME 16 people representing 1stopbrunei Wildlife Club, Brunei Nature Society, Museums Department, Police Rangers, Green Brunei and Institute of Biodiversity and Environmental Research of Universiti Brunei Darussalam attended a field training session held in Ulu Belait recently.

During the eight-hour walk in the jungle which began at 3pm, participants surveyed the local wildlife in the region and more specifically kept an eye open for suitable pangolin habitats.

The trek was led by Muhammad Shavez, who was accompanied by British conservationist and pangolin expert, Louise Fletcher, who provided information and advice to the other participants.

A bird count also took place, with the rare Great Argus being heard twice throughout the journey.

Participants included the President of Brunei Nature Society, Professor Ulmar Grafe, who spotted and identified seven different species of frogs, including the Black Spotter Rock Frog and River Frog.

Some of the participants during their eight-hour jungle journey

One of the frog species spotted during the trek

A mammal was spotted briefly, however, the group was unable to identify the species, which was hiding behind foliage.

Two camera traps were set up with the help of Louise Fletcher, who gave tips on how to set the devices in a manner to boost the chances of catching wildlife on camera.

Following the end of the walk, participants held discussions on the events of the day at the Teraja Longhouse.

Source: Borneo Bulletin