Appreciation for three NGOs’ efforts in recycling

ASIA Inc Forum (AIF) held a cheque presentation ceremony yesterday at the AIF’s main office to appreciate the hard work of three non-governmental organisations (NGOs) that successfully conducted one of the recycling activities this year – The Trash to Treasure Campaign.

The gathering during the event had representatives from the Society for Community Outreach and Training (SCOT), the Beach Bunch and Green Brunei. Also attending during the presentation were representatives from conference partners TOTAL, Butra Heidelberg and Baiduri Bank.

According to the Programme Manager of Asia Inc Forum, Nanette Ramos said, “The Trash to Treasure Campaign is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative held in conjunction with this year’s National Environment Conference was a collaboration with JASTRE, Ministry of Development – the main government agency that is involved in Brunei’s waste management – and Daikyo Recycling company.”

Speaking to The Brunei Times, the Programme Manager of Environment Education of Green Brunei Firdaus Ismail said, “As one of the NGOs that promote environmental care, we are collaborating with the AIF to conduct recycling activities and campaign, that was held on June 22 till August 10.

“We helped to promote the campaign through social media so that more people will work for the Trash to Treasure event.

“Apart from that, we also approached the public and government schools to promote awareness of recycling ideas and activities especially on what is important and not important rubbish for recycling.”

Nanette Ramos said, “There were two campaigns conducted. In the first campaign, we able to collect 1,448 kilograms of trash from paper, metal, aluminium and electronics.

“Meanwhile, the second campaign yielded 3,017 kilograms of trash. A total of 4,465 kilograms were worth $361.66 altogether.’’

She added, “This is not much if you look at it but the objective here is to demonstrate that there is value in trash if it is disposed of in a friendly manner which is in the case of recycling.

‘”This is the first time that we had this CSR initiative held in conjunction with the annual National Environment Conference.

“We would like to continue this initiative as there is an overwhelming response from the public.”

Source: The Brunei Times