NGO pushes for environmental education in school curriculum

NON-governmental organisation Green Brunei is pushing for all schools to teach environmental education.

Community Engagement Director Khairunnisa Ash’ari said the Ministry of Education should make sure recycling and waste management are incorporated into the school curriculum.

In an interview yesterday, she said one of the ways youth can practise environment conservation as part of their lifestyle is when they are made aware from a young age.

“For instance, if schools do not make it a culture for students to recycle, then it is more challenging to get the students to participate in green community activities..

“As a habit, students should be encouraged to switch off the lights and fans when not in use,” she added

Although the Ministry of Education, through the Science, Technology and Environment Partnership (STEP) Centre, has been engaging some schools in recycling drives, she hoped all schools would follow.

Khairunnisa said more people are aware of conserving Brunei’s environment, but many need to change their mindset about the reasons for safeguarding the environment.

“Conserving the environment should become a norm, rather than an activity to participate in,” she said.

She said when partaking in environmental activities such as beach clean-ups and recycling drives, some individuals seek incentives before considering participating.

“Some of these people seek financial incentives. If there was a tree-planting activity, they look for other reasons to participate, rather than for the cause that is caring for the environment,” she added.

The community engagement director said for the country to take environmental conservation seriously, it is important for other environmental groups to engage their communities and create awareness.

She added that every stakeholder should review their programmes from time to time and encourage more conservation activities.

Source: The Brunei Times