Green Brunei attends workshop in S’pore

GREEN Brunei recently attended Singapore Power Shift, a kickstarter workshop aimed at building up climate knowledge as well as knowledge on how to run successful campaigns.

The Bruneian non-profit organisation was represented by its Community Engagement Director Khairunnisa Ash’ari, with support from the British High Commission.

Organised by global climate movement organisation, Singapore Power Shift was part of’s second phase of the Global Power Shift (which took place in Turkey last year).

The two-day workshop saw participation from over 50 youth from Southeast Asian countries, and focused on topics relevant to climate change movements around the world.

Participants were also exposed to a wide range of campaigning skills and techniques through case studies, which were presented by different non-government organisations within and outside Singapore.

Five campaign proposals were formulated at the conclusion of the discussions, ranging from food waste tackling, wildlife trading and sustainable consumption, among others.

According to Khairunnisa, the workshop gave her an insight into practical solutions implemented by public and private sector agencies in Singapore, and provided her with some ideas for future activities that Green Brunei could be involved with in the future.

“The work done on grassroots level by NGOS and university students (in Singapore) are also to be admired. They gave examples on the fantastic campaign ideas they have done utilising creative media… one university has worked towards banning sytrofoam on campus and encouraging the use of alternative packaging and bringing own containers,” she said.

The director also said that campaigning skills which were discussed during the workshop were “quite new” to her, and was confident that the knowledge acquired and shared by Green Brunei in this area would be beneficial for other groups in Brunei who may be interested in running their own campaigns.

Former President of Maldives Mohamad Nasheed was also present at the workshop to share his experience in leading climate change movements in Maldives.

Acting British High Commissioner to Brunei Sunny Ahmed acknowledged that climate change is one of the biggest common challenges faced globally, adding that he looked forward to future Green Brunei campaigns.

“Youth NGOs like Green Brunei can be excellent advocates for change, leading to reduced carbon emissions and climate stability,” he said. – Amanda Yap

Source: The Brunei Times