Green Brunei plants 105 mangrove saplings

GREEN thumbs went beyond their backyards yesterday as they participated in a mangrove planting activity that was held along the river banks of Sg Damuan.

Organised by local non-government organisation Green Brunei, the event is supported by the Forestry Department, Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources and HSBC Brunei.

A total of 39 participants — comprising members of the organiser as well as staff from the Forestry Department — planted 105 mangrove saplings and at the same time learn about the importance of the plants in the ecosystem. “Mangrove forests provide protection and shelter against extreme weather events such as floods,” shared Forestry Assistant and Head of Bukit Patoi Forest Recreational Park and Selirong Island Unit, Mohamad Rozizan Mohd Maslin to the participants at the planting site.

At the same time, volunteers managed to collect 78kg of plastic bottles, which were scattered all around the area. These will be sent for recycling to Daikyo’s site in Serasa. “I am glad to see support from the volunteers who were willing to come really early in the morning to plant and clean the river bank under the sun. I hope that by involving the youth in this mangrove project, they will learn to appreciate our forests more and not take rubbish disposal so lightly,” said Izzah Zakaria, the project manager for the second mangrove planting activity.

The first planting activity, which was held in march, saw a total of 100 mangrove saplings being planted. Two more similar activities are planned this year. For updates, interested members of the public can visit.

Green Brunei focuses on the education of environmental issues and conservation activities to protect the country’s natural resources. It relies largely on volunteer efforts and philanthropic donations to operate.

For more information about the organisation and its activities, please contact Community Engagement Director and Co-Founder, Khairunnisa Ash’ari at 8626588 or email .

Source: The Brunei Times