Youth take to BSB to gain environmental awareness

THIRTY youths took part in an Eco Race which was set around the capital last Friday, July 5 as part of Green Brunei’s Nature’s Avengers Project with the theme, “Green Nature’s Camp”.

The programme involved a total of 30 youths between 14 and 20 years of age, coming together to be involved in a series of activities that focused on environment work and how they, as youth, can take leadership in advocating towards environmental susceptibility. The programme which is for youth and is run by youth provides a platform for young people to gather and learn about environmental awareness through interactive games and discussions.

The Eco Race event saw participants search for clues in different parts of the capital such as the Water Village and the Language and Literature Bureau.

At each location, participants were given an environmental challenge that they had to complete to earn points.

The theme of the activities includes waste segregation, water conservation and endangered wildlife.

At the end of the challenge, participants then presented their evaluation and their experience.

Source: The Brunei Times